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We understand extensions are not only a high-end service but a life-changing experience, as well. Our specialists are extensively trained and ready to give you the hair of your dreams. We consistently strive to give the best extension services in our area. Whether you are looking for length or adding fullness to thin hair, our specialist will help you choose the right extensions to match your hair goals.  We offer all different types of extensions to accommodate the needs of our guests.
Bead Extensions or
I-Tip Hair Extensions
Bonded hair extensions are small pieces of human hair bonded in tiny sections to your natural hair. The process is paying this, but the service can be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on how much hair you have placed
Sew in’s extensions
We use a sew-in method. This process is done by creating a track using beads and string, followed by someone waft of hair onto the track. This technique is currently seen this resolved with maximum comfortability.
Tape in extensions
Tape in hair extensions are thin, 1-inch wide tape laughs. These pre-taped hair wefts get ‘taped in’ between your own hair and a ‘sandwich’ like bonds. The math is 100% natural requires no tools or chemicals, lasts up to three months, and the hair is reusable.

MEET OUR TALENTS who are specialized in extensions

Specialized in I-Tip Extensions
Cold Fusion + Hot Fusion
Specialized in Tape-in Extensions
Specialized in Sew-in Extensions
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