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Growing up with a passion for creativity and beauty, Aliyah always knew she wanted a career that would let her channel her creativity through her dedication in making others feel confident and beautiful.

She would spend her free time as a kid experimenting with her own hair, because it was a way for her to express her creativity and that brought her confidence. Aliyah started gaining so much recognition from friends and family on how skillful and passionate she was with beauty, that she decided it was something she wanted to share with others.

Aliyah attended G skin and beauty Institute in Oak brook, where she learned to do hair and fell in love with it. She then graduated from G skin and beauty Institute in April of 2022, and is currently working at D’amici salon & style in Lagrange. Here she continues to learn new techniques, as well as improving her skills by keeping up with new trends in the beauty industry, and exploring new ways to make her services customizable to her clients. She currently specializes in haircuts, hair coloring, and styling, but looks forwards to adding more under her belt such as extensions and waxing. She is also very open minded to her clients’ ideas on how they can change up their look, and her main goal is to have you leaving her chair with the confidence and style you may have never thought you had.

Aliyah's Contact Information
  • Instagram - Schwarzer Kreis

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